Also available - ASCII collating sequence.

The meanings of abbreviations used in this table are shown below.

EBCDIC collating sequence
Decimal Hex Character Decimal Hex Character Decimal Hex Character Decimal Hex Character
000NUL 6440Space 12880 192C0{
101SOH/TC1 6541 12981a 193C1A
202STX/TC2 6642 13082b 194C2B
303ETX/TC3 6743 13183c 195C3C
404 6844 13284d 196C4D
505HT/FE1 6945 13385e 197C5E
606 7046 13486f 198C6F
707DEL 7147 13587g 199C7G
808 7248 13688h 200C8H
909 7349 13789i 201C9I
100A 744A[ 1388A 202CA
110BVT/FE3 754B. 1398B 203CB
120CFF/FE4 764C< 1408C 204CCPrefix code
130DCR/FE5 774D( 1418D 205CD
140ESO 784E+ 1428E 206CE
150FSI 794F! 1438F 207CF
1610DLE/TC7 8050& 14490 208D0}
1711STPR/DC1 8151 14591j 209D1J
1812STPRF/DC2 8252 14692k 210D2K
1913STUNF/DC3 8353 14793l 211D3L
2014 8454 14894m 212D4M
2115NL 8555 14995n 213D5N
2216BS/FE0 8656 15096o 214D6O
2317 8757 15197p 215D7P
2418CAN 8858 15298q 216D8Q
2519EM 8959 15399r 217D9R
261A 905A] 1549A 218DA
271B 915B$ 1559B 219DB
281CFS/IS4 925C* 1569C 220DC
291DGS/IS3 935D) 1579D 221DD
301ERS/IS2 945E; 1589E 222DE
311FUS/IS1 955F^ 1599F 223DF
3220MSP 9660 160A0 224E0\
3321MNL 9761/ 161A1~ 225E1
3422VP 9862 162A2s 226E2S
3523HP 9963 163A3t 227E3T
3624 10064 164A4u 228E4U
3725LF/FE2 10165 165A5v 229E5V
3826EoT 10266 166A6w 230E6W
3927Block/TC10 10367 167A7x 231E7X
4028ESC 10468 168A8y 232E8Y
4129 10569 169A9z 233E9Z
422A 1066A¦ 170AA 234EA
432B 1076B, 171AB 235EB
442C 1086C% 172AC 236EC
452DENQ/TC5 1096D_ 173AD 237ED
462EACK/TC6 1106E> 174AE 238EE
472FBELL 1116F? 175AF 239EF
4830 11270 176B0 240F00
4931 11371 177B1 241F11
5032SYN/TC9 11472 178B2 242F22
5133 11573 179B3 243F33
5234 11674 180B4 244F44
5335 11775 181B5 245F55
5436 11876 182B6 246F66
5537EoT/TC4 11977 183B7 247F77
5638 12078 184B8 248F88
5739 12179` 185B9 249F99
583A 1227A: 186BA 250FA
593B 1237B£ 187BB 251FB
603CSTUN/DC4 1247C@ 188BC 252FC
613DNAK/TC8 1257D' 189BD 253FD
623E 1267E 190BE 254FE
633FSUB 1277F" 191BF 255FF

Abbreviation meanings
SOH/TC1Start Of Heading (TC1)
STX/TC2Start of TeXt (TC2)
ETX/TC3End of TeXt (TC3)
HT/FE1Horizontal Tab (FE1)
VT/FE3Vertical Tab (FE3)
FF/FE4Form Feed (FE4)
CR/FE5Carriage Return (FE5)
SOShift Out
SIShift In
DLE/TC7Data Link Escape (TC7)
STPR/DC1STart PRotect (DC1)
STPRF/DC2STart PRotect Flashing (DC2)
STUNF/DC3STart UNprotected Flashing (DC3)
NLNew Line
BS/FE0Back Space (FE0)
EMEnd of Medium
FS/IS4IS4 (File Separator)
GS/IS3IS4 (Group Separator)
RS/IS2IS4 (Record Separator)
US/IS1IS4 (Unit Separator)
MSPMultiple Space
MNLMultiple New Line
VPVertical Position
HPHorizontal Position
LF/FE2Line Feed (FE2)
EOTEnd of Transmission
Block/TC10Block (TC10)
ENQ/TC5ENQuiry (TC5)
ACK/TC10ACKnowledge (TC6)
SYN (TC9)SYNchronous idle (TC9)
ETB/TC4End of Transmission Block (TC4)
STUN/DC4STart UNprotect (DC4)
NAK/TC8Negative AcKnowledge (TC8)