Also available - EBCDIC collating sequence.

The meanings of abbreviations used in this table are shown below.

ASCII collating sequence
Decimal Hex Character Decimal Hex Character Decimal Hex Character Decimal Hex Character
000NUL 3220Space 6440@ 9660`
101SOH 3321! 6541A 9761a
202STX 3422" 6642B 9862b
303ETX 3523# 6743C 9963c
404EOT 3624$ 6844D 10064d
505ENQ 3725% 6945E 10165e
606ACK 3826& 7046F 10266f
707BEL 3927' 7147G 10367g
808BS 4028( 7248H 10468h
909HT 4129) 7349I 10569i
100ALF 422A* 744AJ 1066Aj
110BVT 432B+ 754BK 1076Bk
120CFF 442C, 764CL 1086Cl
130DCR 452D- 774DM 1096Dm
140ESO 462E. 784EN 1106En
150FSI 472F/ 794FO 1116Fo
1610DLE 48300 8050P 11270p
1711DC1 49311 8151Q 11371q
1812DC2 50322 8252R 11472r
1913DC3 51333 8353S 11573s
2014DC4 52344 8454T 11674t
2115NAK 53355 8555U 11775u
2216SYN 54366 8656V 11876v
2317ETB 55377 8757W 11977w
2418CAN 56388 8858X 12078x
2519EM 57399 8959Y 12179y
261ASUB 583A: 905AZ 1226Az
271BESC 593B; 915B[ 1237B{
281CFS 603C< 925C\ 1247C|
291DGS 613D= 935D] 1257D}
301ERS 623E> 945E^ 1267E~
311FUS 633F? 955F_ 1277F

Abbreviation meanings
SOHStart Of Heading
STXStart of TeXt
ETXEnd of TeXt
EOTEnd Of Transmission
ENQ/TC5ENQuiry (TC5)
ACK/TC10ACKnowledge (TC6)
BSBack Space
HTHorizontal Tab
LFLine Feed
VTVertical Tab
FFForm Feed
CRCarriage Return
SOShift Out
SIShift In
DLEData Link Escape
DC1Device Control 1
DC2Device Control 2
DC3Device Control 3
DC4Device Control 4
NAKNegative AcKnowledgement
SYNSYNchronous idle
ETBEnd of Transmission Block
EMEnd of Medium
FSFile Separator
GSGroup Separator
RSRecord Separator
USUnit Separator