The bikes page

My biking history Me and Speed Dent do Aber, 1995
Ixion does Normandy, 1997
Ixion does France, 1998
The Saddlesore 1000 ride
Ixion does Normandy and arranges an eclipse, 1999
Me and T5095 Absent Friends 2002
My Hinckley Triumphs
My Triumph Tigers
Troubleshooting Hinckley Triumphs
The Triumph factory fire

Helpful stuff

There are a few parts finding services available by phone and on the internet. However, the ones that I once listed here have all disappeared. One day I shall seek out new ones.

For other lists and FAQs, check the Ixion homepage.

For specifically Triumph parts, there's a couple of Triumph specialist breakers: